My Rating System


Five Stars

Five stars mean that I love, love, love the particular book, and that I would definitely recommend this to people. Five stars are rare, and I only give them to a book I absolutely love.

four-stars_0.pngFour Stars

Four stars are not that rare. If I like a book a lot, I give it four stars. Fours stars mean that the book had only a few flaws and was good.

3-stars.pngThree Stars

Three stars, to me, are good and bad. Three stars mean that the book isn’t that bad, but definitely needs some work, and the author could do better.

two-star-rating.pngTwo stars

If I give this book only two stars, it means the book is bad. I only liked one or two things about the book and that’s it.

one-star-rating.jpg One Star

Only a star means that the book was terrible – do you even have to ask? The author obviously didn’t try at all to make this book good, and nothing was good in that book. I don’t really rate a book one-star much. So far, I haven’t really read a book that deserves only a star.

The Point Five Ratings:

Sometimes, I may add a Point Five to a number while reviewing a book. For example, I may give it 4.5/5, and that means that the books isn’t good enough to rise to the five-star level, but is definitely better than a four and, very,very, good. It may contain only one flaw, and not several, because more than one flaw makes the book go down to four stars.