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How to: Book-blog (for beginners)

Hi! I’m back with another ‘how to:’ post and this time I’m going to teach you all about how to book blog! I’ve had a book blog since more than one year and I like to think that I’ve pretty much mastered the basics – so I’m going to tell you guys all I know about book blogging. 

(One of the reasons I’m doing this post is because I’m out of ideas. Can you tell?)

(Reason Number Two: Most of the book bloggers I know have done a ‘how to bookblog’ post and I wanted to relate and show everyone that I’m also a proper book blogger.)

(Reason Number Three: I want more views)

(Also, please note that I am in no way a professional and all these tips are just what worked for me when I first started out as a book blogger). 

First of all, you obviously have to make a blog. 

I would recommend WordPress because that’s the site I use and I really like it and once you use it, you’ll (probably) like it too. It isn’t very complicated. There are plenty of themes and you can choose any theme you’re comfortable with .

Coming up with a catchy and original and fun and bookish name is H A R D but you have to do it, so get to work (Fun fact: I didn’t come up with my blog’s name myself. My sister was the one who named this blog). It might take you ages to find the perfect name, or it could also take you thirty minutes – it depends. After you do that – Congratulations! You now own a blog! A bare blog with no content at all – but at least that’s something!

The next step is designing it. At first, you might not be comfortable with your blog so the number one thing you must do is design it properly. This task could be very difficult for you if you don’t have a lot of computer skills. I don’t have many skills, but I was able to design it. It isn’t really that complicated. If I, a thirteen year old with next to no computer skills can do it, then you can do it much better than me. It might take you more than an hour but that’s probably it. You don’t have to spend ages designing it: Your blog’s design doesn’t really matter THAT much. It’s the content you have to worry about. 

And so we’re going to get into your blog’s content: your About Me page. Also, other pages – but they are not as important as your About one. I think when you first start out as a book blogger, you only need three or four pages: About Me, Contact Me, Reviews, and My Rating System (Also, My Review Policy, but I’ll talk about it later). You can expand as you go through your book blogging journey, and add more pages when you feel like it. In your reviews page, you write all the book reviews you’ve written so far. In contact me, tell the people where they can find you: don’t tell them your address (obviously). You can make another email – something that goes with your blog. For example, my email is I think making separate twitter and Instagram and Facebook accounts is something a blogger should do because it’s unsafe to give out your private information to everyone.  In your rating system page, you can just mention how you rate your books. 

Once that’s done, you can start posting the content – reviews, book tags, whatever. 


You can make social media accounts for your blog and meet people there and talk to them (that’s a great thing to do), but other than that: check out other blogs. It could really help you make it big. 

Bloggers love it when people comment on their posts – it means that we’re getting attention and that our posts are being read. We could go and check your blog out and follow you. Commenting on other blog post’s and interacting means that you’re getting your blog out there for people to see. I think it’s the best way to get more people to see what you write. 

You can also participate in other stuff: Memes. I don’t know how to explain what they are, so you can just go and search them up. Anyway, you should participate in memes, and even make your own – that could get you more publicity. Participating in memes could make you get more blogger friends, and it could also give you something to do every week on your blog. 

The very last thing is: ARCs – which stands for Advanced Reader Copy, which means getting a book to review before it’s published. I don’t think EVERY blogger can do this right away – publishers have many conditions which you must fulfill, and you can find those conditions on a publisher’s site. You can set up a review policy page so that publishers could read it and then contact you and send you books!

Those are pretty much all the tips I have. I hope this post helped!!

That being said – I don’t know who’s reading this, but whoever you are, I want you to start a blog. It might seem a bit complicated and hard work (It is hard work sometimes) but blogging is pretty fun, and I love it, and you’ll probably love it too!

I think those are pretty much the basics of starting a book blog. I know these are not the only tips you need to start a proper blog, but this is all I have for you right now (and this could probably help you get started, at least) – if I find something useful, then I might just edit this post or even make a part 2!

If you liked this post, please please comment and let me know, and if you have any additional blogging tips, then put them down in the comments because they’re  very helpful.

Also, if you’re new to book blogging, WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY! You can comment down below or find me on instagram (@hibaashfaqq) ((this is not just an excuse for me to shamelessly self-promote myself, I swear)) and just DM me or something and we could become best blogger friends forever because why the fuck not???


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