Life Updates

I’m back from my blogging break :)

My blogging break was unplanned. At the starting of 2017, things got very hectic for me but I still tried to post on this blog as much as possible (As you can see if you scroll down the home page of my blog, my posts were very few and far between). Somewhere in the middle of April, I  broke down. 

I had a major meltdown. Life just wasn’t working out for me, and that may sound very dramatic coming out from a thirteen year old immature piece of fangirling trash, but trust me when I say that I had a huge existential crisis.

I deactivated my bookstagram account, I made my blog private, and I spent all of my time procrastinating and watching Dan and Phil’s YouTube videos. Along with my crisis, I also had to face writer’s block, which really sucked. 

I decided to take a blogging break in April, but I guess it had been coming for a while because the past five months, since the starting of 2017, I’ve only posted once or twice a month. In that period of time, I had to actually force myself to write and I was quiet fake in my reviews and my writing ( which is a bit upsetting :/) 

Yesterday, I was thinking about this blog and I realized I missed it a lot. And I’ve also realized that the reason I left blogging was because I let my blog go sloppy. I stopped thinking about book blogging, and instead started focusing on other stuff.  I stopped writing book reviews, and even when I did write book reviews, they were bad. I wrote them right after I finished reading a particular book, and my feelings just kinda exploded into my writing, so my book reviews always consisted of bad grammar and no context. 

But yeah, now I’m back. And I’ve decided that the first thing I’m going to do is get this blog back into shape, and only focus on book blogging. I’m going to be posting once a week (well, i’ll try), and before that, I’ll remove all the shit that’s on my blog. I’ll also try not to be fake, and let my honest feelings about bookish-and-non-bookish things out while writing. 

I’ll also not be continuing on with the feature I started two months ago, called ‘three days, three people, three interviews’. I’ll also continue on with my wrap ups/TBRs that I discontinued a few months ago.

Wish me and this blog luck, because me being the professional-procrastinator-and-Dan-and-Phil-trash that I am, will probably forget about this blog all over again (hope that won’t happen though.)


Yours truly,

Dan and Phil Trash No. 1 (also known as Hiba).


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