3 days, 3 people, 3 interviews – Day 3: Interviewing Urooj.reads

Hi guys! This is Day 3 of the 3 days, 3 people, 3 interview feature that I’ve created for my blog.

3, days, 3 people, 3 interviews is a feature I’ve created for my blog where each month I interview three people in three days in a row. Each month has a new theme (for example, this month, I’ll be interviewing bloggers – and the next month could maybe be bookstagrammers or art bloggers etc.) I’ll be interviewing the three people at the starting of each month – except for this month because I’m a little late this time.

This feature was created so that you could get to know some of my favorite people (bloggers, instagrammers, youtubers, etc.) and their blogs, lives, etc.

This month’s theme is – Bookbloggers.

On Day 3, my guest is  Urooj @shimmerandwornoutpages. This interview is slightly different from the others I’ve done: this is not about Urooj’s blog on WordPress (which is about makeup and lifestyle) – it’s about her Bookstagram account, which you should definitely check out because it’s one of my absolute favorites: @urooj.reads

Urooj is studying to be a dentist, but is a professional reader and loves to blog about make up and lifestyle. I’m so excited to tell her more about you – let get on with the interview!

Firstly, can you tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

I’m a 20 year old bookworm with dentistry as a professional career choice. My blog is mainly me self centering my books and making the outlook appear as beautiful as the words inside.

Why and how did you start blogging? Like, what inspired you to start your blog?

It was almost mid march, 2015 and I purchased a bunch of books and took a simple DSLR shot of them- that sort of it the bulb and I posted it on Instagram. 5 of my friends requested reviews on that very photo so I thought: Why not dedicate a whole Instagram to my love for books?

Do you like blogging? Don’t you sometimes get tired of it?

I love blogging. It’s like an outlet for my energies. A positive one. It helps me drain my frustrations (life does that to us sometimes) out in a bright and constructive way. And yes, I do get tired of it some days and go on week long hiatuses. Haha. but Instagram always feels like coming home.

Does blogging pressurize you? I mean, one time, I was under pressure, and I just wanted to leave blogging. I was so tired of it. That was before I realized that blogging is not a chore, of course. Now-a-days, I only blog when I’m in the mood. If I’m not, then I don’t force myself to write … what about you?

Some days the pressure of putting down reviews is real. With time people have started looking up to me for them and it can get draining. I also get anxiety when it comes to reviewing books or products that have been sent to me for free for if I don’t like them I have to be very careful with my words- not that im obliged to but because as a natural instincts its hard to bad mouth people so friendly (most companies are sweethearts) Another pressure is losing the followers- as much as we say its not about the digits etc etc, at the end of the day it does come down to the number a little. And it does affect your confidence if that number drops down or doesnt go up like you expect it to.

So you’ve been blogging since…?

Since March 2015

Would you like to pursue blogging as a full-time career, if it were possible?

Yes. A thousand times yes if possible. But I’d like to keep my professional degrees at work as well. Haha.

Do you post very often on your blog? How often do you communicate with your followers?

I post daily. I interact a lot. I reply to all comments individually and I take out the time to comment on others’ photos as well.
What do you think is the best strategy to get more traffic on a blog?
How would you describe your blogging style?

Its indecisive. I go with the flow. I do have a constant theme but I play around.

Do you sometimes suffer from your writers block? How do you get over it?

All the time- the best is to embrace it. Let it sink in until it flushes out. And do not fret. Be easy on yourself.

Have you met someone interesting or famous on your blog journey? And have you made some blogger-friends?

I have made a lot of friends. the best part about blogging is how easily approachable all your favorite writers become. I remember getting reposted by Jennifer Niven and she replied to my DM the same day. I was a happy kitten then. 😀

What’s the best thing about blogging, in your opinion?

The versatility. The fact that I can inspire someone sitting across the globe and vice versa.
And lastly, would you encourage other people to make a blog?
Why not! do what you want to do! get inspired and get started! The internet is a free place and you are all so very talented. Don’t let the fear of not being top notch hold you back for its a gradual transition and we are all in the learning phase. 🙂

Thank you to Urooj for giving me some of her time and answering my questions!
You can find her on Instagram  – @urooj.reads
Go and give her a follow on both her bookstagram account and her blog!

If you want to be featured on 3 days, 3 people, 3 interviews, you can contact me on


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