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Life Update: Karachi Eat Festival 2017– The Worst Experience Ever

You know what? I believe in Friday the 13th now. I’ve always thought that ‘Friday the 13th’ was a load of bullshit, but it isn’t, apparently.

Yesterday (Friday) was so, so bad. This will be a kind-of story-time thingy that Youtubers do, and I’m bad at telling stories, but please bear with me.

The day started out normally enough. I went to school, had loads of fun. It rained and it hardly ever rains where I live, so we were all pretty happy. It wasn’t, like, a heavy downpour or anything, so it was quite enjoyable. Even though it was very cold, and the rain made the weather colder, we (me and my friends) still had lots of fun outside, in the school grounds.

I went home after that, had a nice bath, ate some food, and then went to sleep because I was tired. An hour later, I was woken up my sister. She told me, we were going to Karachi Eat. Now, for those who are unfamiliar with that festival, I’ll tell you: Karachi Eat happens every year, and it’s basically a festival in which there are lots of food stalls by many famous restaurants of Pakistan. There’s lots of food, and it’s the best thing ever because, obviously, it’s food.

This was the first ever time we were going to Karachi Eat, so I was really excited. My mother came along with us –she wasn’t going to the festival though: she wanted to go to the mall. We dropped her to the mall, and went to the festival. It was already raining, and we considered going back home. But we didn’t. There was lots of traffic and we drove for over an hour. Finally, at six o’clock, we arrived at Karachi Eat.

We got the tickets and went in. It was an open-air festival. It was raining very hard by now, and we were soaked. I think that the first thing the people (who had made this event happen) should have done was hand out umbrellas, but they didn’t do that. There weren’t many chairs either and the ones that were there were all wet so most people were standing or just walking around, with their friends or whoever they had come with.

We looked around at first, at as it was a big place; it took fifteen or so minutes. We had no idea what to eat. Because of the rain, me and my sisters were extremely cold and had no appetite left, which was silly because we hadn’t eaten anything since lunch. We got some fries at first, and as soon as the lady handed them out, they became wet in an instant because of the rain. We ate the fries anyway. Next, we spotted a food-stall that I do not remember the name of (it started with S-something?) one of my sisters ordered a Mutabbaq, which is a spicy stuffed pancake. My other sister and I had a shawarma each. I also wanted to have samosas or chaat, but I overheard a girl saying that they weren’t really good, so I abandoned the idea. We were about to have some Chinese food when suddenly the lights went out. We were standing in the rain, in complete darkness, soaked from head to toe. We thought it was time to go home soon, even though we hadn’t stuffed ourselves with lots of food (which was the whole reason we were there).

We hadn’t had anything sweet yet, and though there were plenty of stalls that sold dessert, only one was near the place we were standing: The Dip Shop. While my sister and I stuffed ourselves with ice cream, my other sister tried to call our father or our brother or our mother to tell them to come and pick us up. But it was raining so hard that even her phone got wet and the phone’s speaker wasn’t working well.

None of them picked up the call: There were no signals available. After much trying, we finally got to call them and found out that after dropping us there, my father and my brother had set out to pick my mother from the mall, but were still stuck in traffic. It had been an hour and my mother was done with her shopping, and was waiting for the car to pick her up. Now, my father and brother changed their mind and came back to get us instead, because Karachi Eat was now closed, and we were standing outside, out on the road, and were freezing. They said they would try to arrive as soon as possible. There was rainwater inside our shoes, and our socks were so damp and cold and our hoodies were completely wet, everything was so bad. There were a lot people around, from Karachi Eat, and some of them –mostly girls – didn’t even have sweaters or hoodies to keep them warm.

So, we stood there, until someone directed us to a Police checkpoint, and the kind people there offered us shelter in there for fifteen or so minutes, till our car came. We stood there, along with a few other people, while my sisters made constant calls back home. After, like, five or ten minutes, my sister’s iPhone stopped working. Wtf? After much trying, it (the phone) restarted it and she made another call.

We found that my father and brother were here at Karachi Eat, but were at the opposite side of Karachi Eat, and it would take us 20 minutes, walking, to get there. We would, in no way, do that – because of the rain and the cold and many other reasons. Ten minutes later, my sisters and I were perfectly furious. We had set out in daylight, and it was nighttime now: our day had been wasted.

It also looked like we were going to wake up with a bad, bad cold the next day. Hafsa made a last call: and found out that our f-ing car broke down. Oh, bad luck.

We finally took the risk of walking to where my father and brother were: We were probably going to fall ill the next day, we would have to walk, more like, wade through a road filled with rain water.

It took us ten minutes, running to get there, and we found my brother and my father. It took another ten minutes for us to try to fix the car again, and in those ten minutes, we got a call from our mother who told us that the mall had closed twenty minutes ago, and she was standing outside, all cold, in the rain, and she already had a cold, which looked like it was about to get worse.

We drove as fast as we could through the traffic, and got to my mom. Twenty or so minutes later, we got home, and as we were so tired, immediately went to sleep (even though it was super-early), hoping that we wouldn’t wake up sick the next day.

Fast-forward to the very next day – that is, today, Saturday: I woke up with a great headache, and was sick. Right now, I am all wrapped up in two blankets and stuff to keep me warm, and a cup of coffee in my hand: It seems I had caught a cold after all 😞


4 thoughts on “Life Update: Karachi Eat Festival 2017– The Worst Experience Ever

  1. Aw, I hope you’ll feel better again soon.

    I’m not that superstitious so I don’t really believe in Friday 13th. But then, I have such bad luck too last Friday (Friday 13th. ). My mom came home from her travel, and not yet five minutes in the house, I am already yelled at for some things. While that’s not really a surprise because my mom could find anything to complain about, but the thing is, this time I was yelled at for something that wasn’t even my fault. Oh the unfairness. And then, later that night, I broke accidentally broke one of my snow globes. 😥

    On a side note, aweee, I love shawarma!!! Well, I love muttabaq too but I’m meh about them now (we call them martabak or murtabak in Malaysia) because my grandma always makes them but it is so hard to find a decent place to get shawarma in my town.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thanks! I don’t really believe in Friday the 13th too, but the events that occurred last friday were so bad. I’m all better now though!
      My mom also finds reasons to yell at me – like, *mom*, please give me a break.
      Also, I love love love shawarmas. they’re available at my school and I eat them almost every day – They’re sooo good. My sister liked the Muttabaq but for some reason, I didn’t that much.
      I’m surprised shawarmas aren’t available much around your town – There are available *everywhere* in Karachi.


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