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A tribute to Alan Rickman

Last year, Alan Rickman died on this day – and this is still one of the saddest days for me, because I love Alan Rickman and his acting, and his talent. I know him for playing as Professor Snape in Harry Potter, and I think his acting in the series was amazing.

It was such a shock to me when he died. He was one of the first talented people, who unfortunately died last year. I remember, I was still so upset at David Bowie’s (who died on the 8th of January) death, and I came back from school on this day last year (the fourteenth of January), and my sister told me that Alan was dead – His death being the second that year, I was so, so horrified. 2016 was not up to a good start.

Alan Rickman  was one of the greatest, most talented men I’ve known, and I can’t believe it’s already been a year since we lost him.

A year since I woke up to the horrible news of his death. A year since the world lost a great man. A year since all of our hearts got shattered.

Thank you, Alan Rickman, for being such an inspiration for us. And thank you, for being such a great, remarkable, human being.

“After all this time?” “Always.”


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